This was a fun exploration into creating figures with chicken wire and using papier-mâché to cover it. It was meant to be our Easter mascot, but the kids went wild painting it. We may still use it for a Cinco de Mayo pinata…

One of the fun parts about being the Program Coordinator at the Roofing Contractors’ Association of BC (RCABC) was being able to use my arts skills in new and exciting ways. I created some movies to help apprentices walk through getting their financial supports set up, and made up a few displays with fresh new images, as well as managing their Facebook page with fresh new posts weekly.

Here’s a few of the displays I created using assorted mediums (ink, papercraft, exhibits, etc):


A gathering of assorted fashion concept pieces from my portfolio from Fashion Design at UCFV in marker, pencil, pencil crayon and watercolour.

Other Mediums