Time to revamp the last of my three webpages – my personal webpage. Looking to challenge several courses at UFV to complete my degree, a great many of my work experiences directly related to the content of many of the courses offered. If I was able to prove my knowledge in these particular areas, I could receive credit (and pay a hefty fee, of course)

I spent a lot of time analyzing my past work history while updating my webpage to use for school credits…and looking for just the right image (taken by yours truly at the Friendship Garden at the Clearbrook Fraser Valley Regional Library)

Here’s the before and after:

One of the fun parts about being the Program Coordinator at the Roofing Contractors’ Association of BC (RCABC) was being able to use my arts skills in new and exciting ways. I created some movies to help apprentices walk through getting their financial supports set up, and made up a few displays with fresh new images, as well as managing their Facebook page with fresh new posts weekly.

Here’s the link to one of the videos

New webpage for www.gerrykeryluik.com The previous website was created in 2008. Back in those days, I created an image with clickable portions that linked to other pages, and all content was managed through a complicated coding process. The gallery was a separate system (Gallery v1) which was outdated and no longer available to upgrade. The site had changed hosts and was difficult to manage.

The new site has a user-friendly WordPress CMS. The artist can now edit all of his content on his pages, add/remove/edit all of his gallery posts easily. He can even change the theme of his website if he is looking for something fresh!

New webpage for Flirt Designs. I got sick and tired of the old look from 2010 and it’s difficulty. I made the jump to a WordPress CMS and spent a weekend creating our new look! It’s so great to have a website that is easy to use, and to be able to add images of the stuff I’ve been working on without hassles. Enjoy the new site!

(I half wish I kept images of the first two FD websites – the one from the early 2000s was horrific!)

We created a book! Just in time for a Book Release/Art Show on Nov 7, 2015!

Available on Amazon: The Christmas Spider: A True Story

As Public Relations and Newsletter person for the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club, they really needed a revamp of their old promotional materials. Website was outsourced, as managing my own website is enough work for me digitally, but I had great fun creating other promotional materials for them!

My own wedding – the union itself didn’t turn out so well, but I made some great stationary and dresses. Bonus!

Graphic Design