The Designer:

That would be me – Amy Keryluik, designer and founder of Flirt Designs and Consulting.  In pursuit of authenticity (and not hiding behind a brand name) this site is part business, part portfolio.  As a sole proprietor business, there sometimes isn’t a line between business and personal.

I possess a Diploma of Fashion Design, General and Business Options – Dean’s List (UFV) with a smattering of training through KPU and FIT.  I also have received training in Legal Administration (VCC) and Conflict Resolution (JIBC).

I have received the AECL Research Award, Heart and Stroke Foundation Award of Excellence in Research, 1st in the Green Millennium Fashion Show Design Competition, and 3rd in the Skills Canada Fashion Design Competition.

I’ve been creating, designing and manufacturing since childhood; apprenticed in several fashion related companies (big and small); and took the jump in 2003 to formalize this all into a company called Flirt Designs and Consultation.  So far so good!

The Studio:

The Flirt Designs and Consultation studio is home-based and centrally located in Abbotsford.  Our home is a clean, smoke-free environment with a working studio, a large meeting area ideal for group sessions and ample parking.